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Human trafficking is modern-day slavery, robbing individuals of their freedom and dignity by trapping them in commercial sex and forced labor. It’s a horrific crime that demands relentless fight on all fronts. While illegal, human trafficking is a thriving criminal activity, with traffickers exploiting victims, including women and children, out of schools, online, in shopping malls, as well as streets and other locations. Traffickers use violence, fraud, or coercion to control their victims who can be American or foreign citizens, of any age or background.

Here’s a summary of the key aspects of the problem:

  • Deception: Traffickers lure victims with false promises of jobs, love, or a better life.
  • Force and Coercion: Once victims are trapped, traffickers use violence, threats, or debt bondage to maintain control.
  • Vulnerability: People in vulnerable situations like foster care, homelessness, or with limited English proficiency are specifically targeted.
  • Profit Motive: Traffickers are motivated by profit, exploiting victims in various places like massage parlors, agriculture, or the sex industry.

While sex trafficking is more widely known, labor trafficking is also prevalent. The hidden nature of the crime makes it difficult to measure its full extent.


McCarthy Tire recognizes the severity of human trafficking and its devastating impact on individuals and communities. We are committed to using our reach and resources to be part of the solution.

Here’s how we pledge to take action:

  • Partnership: We are proud to partner with TAT (Truckers Against Trafficking) to amplify their message and support their training programs for truck drivers.
  • Awareness: We will educate our employees on the signs of human trafficking, empowering them to recognize and report potential situations.
  • Community Engagement: We will utilize our 70+ tire stores as platforms to raise awareness about human trafficking through informational materials and customer outreach.

McCarthy Tire is committed to furthering our company’s understanding of human trafficking, and we encourage you to join us in the fight.


Whether traveling over-the-road or delivering goods to businesses or homes, every truck driver has a role to play in recognizing and reporting human trafficking. As traffickers keep their victims on the move, they are traveling on the same highways and visiting the same truck stops and gas stations as everyone else, creating multiple opportunities for victim identification. Final mile and in-home delivery drivers are also uniquely positioned to be the eyes and ears of neighborhoods as their routes take them to various homes, apartment complexes and local businesses. While there’s no single solution to solving human trafficking in the US, we can all help by increasing our awareness of the issue, learning how to identify the signs of trafficking and reporting information to the authorities.

If you suspect human trafficking, report it immediately:

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