Wheel Refurbishing Services

McCarthy is a leading provider of wheel refurbishing services with state of the art equipment and an expert staff. Your rims and wheels can be refurbished while your tires are being retreaded at our facilities with quick turnaround time. McCarthy Tire has rim reconditioning shops located in Wilkes Barre PA, Federalsburg MD, Manassas VA and Cobleskill NY.

We’ll match your choice of colors upon request. The high gloss, powder coat paint used will resist chipping, peeling and rusting. The most common colors are White, Black, Silver/Grey and Yellow.

refurbished tire before and after side by side

the 20/20 Wheel and Rim Refinishing System

by International Marketing, Inc

When OSHA called for mandatory rim and wheel refurbishing 23 years ago, IMI immediately answered. In addition to a time-tested refinishing system, IMI and McCarthy offer superior customer service. The IMI wheel and rim refinishing system is the only system on the market that has a true centrifugal wheel blaster, complete monorail system, and infrared ovens in gas or electric.

  • The 20/20 refinishing system is the best on the market. Here’s why:

    • A lab-tested shot blend for efficient paint removal and minimal surface damage
    • Superior powder coverage
    • Open ovens = a consistent cure
  • Benefits of refinishing:
    • Decreased chance of air loss due to broken bead
    • Decreased chance of full blowout on the road
    • Longer rim life
    • OSHA Compliance
    • Professional appearance
  • You need wheel refurbishing when there is:
    • Any rust, rubber or debris at or in the bead seat
    • More than 3 mils of powder, paint, or debris around the bolt area
    • More than 20% rust present on the rim
  • 20/20 Wheel & Rim Refinishing System Components
    • Electric and gas ovens
    • Vertical wheel lift
    • Power coating and blast media
    • Shot blaster & dust collector
    • Monorail
    • Powder booth and gun applicator

A Difference you can see

The difference in surface damage done by standard 460 shot versus our 20/20 blend is visible. As you can see the 20/20 blend creates a smoother finish. This finish allows for smooth powder application at the mandated 2.5 – 3 mil coating thickness and creates a better bond between wheel surface and coating.

Adhering to the coating thickness guidelines ensure even curing, safer mounting, better rust resistance, and efficient future refinishing. The 20/20 blend will remove coatings in minutes, increasing productivity up to 15 units an hour.

By efficiently removing old coating and creating less etching the 20/20 blend can reduce usage of shot and powder while increasing output. This means less inventory, less labor and less maintenance needed. It also means rims can be in-service longer which further enhances your ability to provide superior service.

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