PPE: Protect Your Head, Face & Eyes

PPE example in commercial tire industry

PPE: Protect Your Head, Face & Eyes

Protecting your head, face and eyes are critical in many careers. So common Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) practices include wearing: Safety Glasses, Safety Goggles, Face Shields and/or Helmets. Once PPE has been assigned to you, your responsibilities include: training, daily usage and care (cleaning, maintenance and storage). Plus – don’t forget to check for wear and ask your employer to repair or replace. Here are the top things to know about each of these pieces of PPE designed to protect your head, face and eyes:

Safety Glasses:

  • Are usually worn in general work environments while performing work that involves grinding, woodworking, and masonry
  • Some are equipped with side shields to provide additional protection all around your eyes
  • Are primarily designed to protect the wearer from impacts of:
    • Flying fragments
    • Large chips
    • Sand

Safety Goggles:

  • Fit tight and close to your eyes and face
  • Provide more thorough eye protection than safety glasses
  • Some models are designed to fit over your prescription glasses
  • Provide good protection against sparks and impact hazards
  • Offer the best protection from chemical splashes

Face Shields and Welding Helmets:

  • Should never be worn as your primary form of eye protection. Always wear safety glasses or goggles under
    a face shield.
  • Are designed to provide full face protection when working with:
    • Hot materials
    • Chemicals
    • Light radiation
  • Provide good protection from severe impact hazards, such as:
    • Hot sparks
    • Splash from molten metal
    • Chemical splashes

Eye and Face Protection – Tips:

  • Wear the right type of eye and face protection
  • Adjust your eye protection so it fits properly and is comfortable
  • Wear safety eyewear over your prescription glasses or contact lenses
  • Don’t wear regular glasses alone
  • Wear prescription safety glasses if you have them
  • Wear safety glasses with side shields or safety goggles if you’re exposed to flying object hazards
  • Keep your eye and face protection in good condition
  • When not in use, store eye and face protection in a clean, dry place
  • Inspect eye and face protection regularly for signs of damage


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